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January 11


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((This story was majorly inspired by sociallyawkwardotaku.deviantar… . Please be sure to visit their profile and check out their work!))


It just happens to be the day when you were supposed to spend the day with moirail Cronus Ampora that you come down with the absolute worst flu you've ever had in your life. A blazing fever, intense chills, and an excruciatingly painful headache. Oh wait! No flu is complete without feeling incredibly nauseous and leave you throwing up every which way. Best. Day. Ever.

You lay on the couch in your terrible state, a garbage can next to you. Tissues were scattered about the room, and your many bottles of painkillers and antiacids were lined up neatly on the table behind you. All you wanted to do was sleep the day away, but gog forbid you get to do that...

Your phone vibrates on your queasy stomach, leaving you moaning at the subtle but affecting movement. You ignore it, hoping the caller will realize that you're dying and leave you alone.  You've just never that lucky, especially today. The persistant caller gets the best of you, and you shakily move the phone to your ear. "Ugh... who is this?" you groan into the speaker. "Wvowv, you don't sound too wvell, kitten." a familiar voice says.

Groaning in embarassment, you say "I can't hang out today, Cro... ugh... nus. I'm dying." You always use 'dying' as your go-to word when you're sick, but it became apparent that Cronus didn't know that. "Wvhat?!? No, (name), shit, I'll be right there!" he says, panic in his voice. Before you can protest, there is a click on his end, and you groan again. Cronus was your moirail, but you didn't want to see ANYONE today...

About ten minutes later, you hear Cronus bang on the door, exacerbating your already terrible headache. "Cronus... jegus  fuck..." you groan loudly. He takes your spare key and barges in the room. You can tell he had been running... his usually neat, greased hair was messed up, tiny strands of black hair falling around his forehead. His face was a light shade of violet, and translucent sweat trailed down the sides of his head.

"(name), don't fuckin' die! Shit, wvhat can I do?!" he exclaims frantically. You close your eyes. "Cronus, I'm not actaully dying... I'm sick, you fishbrain." you grumble. He walks over to the chair across from the couch and sits down. You can see a huge amout of relief sweep across his face, but slightly return when he acknowlegdes that you're ill.

As if your body needed to prove its point, you felt the throat-Kraken heave its way up your throat. You grab the trash can and vomit disgustingly. You mentally smack yourself for not wearing a ponytail, because now you had the putrid fluid clinging to the ends of your hair. Wiping your mouth with a tissue, you lean back to begin wiping your hair clean as well. You glance up at Cronus, whose face has been now replaced with a look of horror and shock.

"I... see wvhat you mean." he says. That aquatic bastard was stifling a laugh! You roll your eyes. "I don't know if trolls can catch this, but maybe you should go just in case." you warn him. To your surprise, he shakes his head. Standing up, he grabs your trash can and walks to your bathroom, dumping it in the toilet. After a flush, you hear the bathtub faucet running. Was... was Cronus cleaning your garbage can?!

Sure enough, the seadweller returns with your now clean garbage can. "(name), I think I should stay here... don't wvant you to strain yourself." He says. Your face blushes a little, darkening your sickly face more than it already was. You didn't want him to have to take care of you, but you sure as hell didn't want to be alone, nor did you want to even move from your spot. "Cro, you don't have to..." you reassure him. His white eyes basically pierce through your (e/c) ones. "I'm your moirail, and I ain't leavwin' you alone 'till your better." he says.

You shrug and give him a weak smile. "In that case, make yourself at home, you could be here for a while." you joke. He smirks at you in return. Gog, that fucking smirk... ((💜)) He immediately gets to work, grabbing a bag and stuffing all of your toxic tissues and cans of ginger ale into it. You sigh contentedly. It really calmed your nerves to know someone was there for you. Your semi-tranquil state however was 'magically' interrupted by another imminent barf-fest.

Before you can do anything, you feel Cronus rush over, pulling your hair back. Holding your hair, he starts rubbing your back gently as you release what seems like all of your internal organs into the trash can. Your lips quiver in disgust as you feel another wave of hell breaking loose. You couldn't tell if Cronus was disgusted or not, but if he was, he didn't show it. 'That's a true fucking moirail...' you think.

Cronus hands you a tissue to wipe your mouth and he releases your unwashed hair. You feel so embarrassed having him see you in your gross state. You hadn't showered in three days, leaving your hair a greasy mess. Your clothes were stained with vomit and snot, the absolute worst combination you could think of... yet this guy was here taking care of you.

He returns again wih your freshly cleansed garbage can and sits in the chair again. "I'vwe nevwer seen shit like this." he chuckles. Rolling your eyes, you bring your hand to your head. "Do you need anyfin'? Wve could wvatch a movwie or somefin'." he offers. A movie didn't seem half bad... after all, it would take your mind off of the pile of shit you felt like. "Yeah, that sounds good. You choose, I'll probable fall asleep halfway through, so I don't want to leave you with a boing movie." you tell him. He nods, smiling.

He stands up, but doesn't go to the movie rack... instead, he walks to your kitchen. Deciding to save your sickly breath, you don't ask. He comes back holding a piece of toast, some ginger ale, a painkiller, and a wet washcloth. "Porrim told me 'bout these human diseases. You'vwe gotta eat toast, absorbs the acid or somefin'." Your heart flips at his heavenly gesture. He places the toast next to you and opens your giner ale, placing the painkiller next to it. He brushes your hair from your forehead and places the wet cloth there, giving your head a very refreshed feeling.

Now that Cronus sees that you're mostly taken care of, he goes and picks out the movie... Grease 2. You try your best not to laugh at the sea-greaser's fitting movie choice. After he starts it, he walks to you. You groan painfully as he lifts up your upper body and placing your head on his lap.  "You take that pill yet?" he inquires. You shake your head and begin to reach for it, only to have him do so first. Giving you the pill and the ginger ale, you immediately take it. Cronus places your ginger ale back on the little table, and you both fix your attention on the movie.

~Epic Timeskip~

You had fallen asleep, just as you had predicted earlier. Cronus removed the now semi-dry washcloth and felt your face. It was warm, but your fever had gone down. The sleep you had fallen into also went uninterrupted by your lack of vomiting. He sighs heartily, proud of himself for taking good care of his flushcrush... Moving as slowly and gently as he could, he replaces his lap with a soft pillow, laying your head down gently.

He swiftly but quietly cleans the room. Taking it a step further, he does your dishes, washes and folds your laundry, cleans your bathroom, and takes out your trash. He feels really good to be helping you when you need him...

Walking back into the room where you are, he sees you weakly sitting up, scanning the clean room. "Cro... d-did you do this?" you say groggily. He smiles and nods, and crouches by your side. "You feelin' any better?" he whispers, staying quiet so your headache doesn't return. Your tired face musters a weak smile, and nod. "I don't feel nauseous anymore, and I'm feeling normal temperature again." you inform him proudly. He smiles and gives you a delicate hug.

"Cro?" you start. He looks at your eyes, "Wvhat is it, doll?" he purrs. Gog, you love that nickname... "Why did you do all this? I'm sorry you had to, I didn't mean to make you work or anyth--" a gray finger presses to your lips. Cronus wants to tell you about his redness for you, but doesn't know how...But he just figures that if you reject him, you'll forget after your next sleep. "'Cause I'm kinda red for you, (name). I havwe beenn for a wvhile, n' I wvanna take care of you." he quickly says.

You blink and stare at him. That was pretty sudden... Was he joking? Did he know... that... you felt the same way? You let a smile spread across your face and whisper, "I'm... I'm flushed for you too, Cronus." His face lights up with the most elation you had ever seen. He hugs you gently again, and then plants a soft, warm, passionate kiss on your lips. "Does this mean you can.. be my matesprit?" you say nervously. His smile grows, and he leans to your ear. "I can n' I wvill." he whispers.

The rest of the day and into the night, you and your new matesprit cuddle closely in the couch, watching corny 1950s movies. Though they were dumber than John's Nic Cage movies, you oddly enjoyed them Late into the night, you nod off again. Cronus kisses your hair gently before drifting off to slee himself.
As stated at the beginning, this story was greaty influenced by...

So I'm pretty sick lately, and I figured that I could write some personal experince stuff :D let me know if I should do more. Enjoy!
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